Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley

A few steps goes a long way!Walk For A Dog

Do you walk your dog every day? How about making each walk count for more than just your step count?

While you’re getting those steps in, log them using the WoofTrax Walk for a Dog app! The WoofTrax app is an easy way for you to raise funds for Animal Protectors by doing what you already do each day – take a walk! 

How does it work? It’s easy! To download the free app, grab your iPhone or your Android device and open up the app store that you would typically use. Search for “WoofTrax” and click download – and you’re in! 

Once the app has loaded, enter your name and email address in the enrollment form and be sure that you are walking for Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley. Once enrolled, you will be sent a request in your email to confirm your registration. 

For more information on downloading the app, visit www. I have the app, now what? Once you have the app downloaded, you are able to make a profile for your dog – how cool!

BUT – you do not need a dog to use the Walk for a Dog app. If you are an avid walker, but do not have a dog, you may choose the option to “Walk with Cassie.” Cassie allows you to raise funds, even though you are “dog-less.” 

Be sure to open the app and start it every time you walk - and be sure to end your walk when you are done. Your steps are automatically logged and we receive a donation based on your activity. Every step you take raises funds for our shelter. Happy walking!